Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of terms & Condition:

By using this service, you accept and agree to follow all the clause of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this service. If you break any clause. EasyEBilling authority has full priority to take legal steps against you. EasyEBilling reserves the right to update the terms and condition without notice to you.

Privacy Statement:

We collect information to provide better services to all our users. For Example, we collect your Permanent Address, Personal Cell Number, Mail ID etc. which we use only for our database and we ensure not to disclose this information to anyone. And we also have the power to communicate with your customers via mail, text or Call. We don't share your customer information with any other advertiser or third party by any cost.

Limitations of Customers:

Users should not share his/ her Username ( your personal email address will be treated as username at EasyEBilling ) and password. If shares and any harm happened, EasyEBilling authority will not responsible for it.

Users should take care of his own data by backups daily. If a user didn’t reserve data and by mistakes any data loss then EasyEBilling will not pay for user’s operation fault. Although it's an online billing software so you have no rights to upload any advertise. For any mistakes of users operation, EasyEBilling will not pay. By the hamper of this software to user end, EasyEBilling should close that registration and you have to buy this software again for use. The person, who will use this software, must have knowledge about user data, accounting, and internet browsing and general computer sense.


If you want to send any SMS to your customer through this software then you have to ensure that the enough amount of balance in EasyEBilling gateway.

Customer Summary:

While using free package, EasyEBilling Authority has full priority to enclose that service at any time.

Intellectual Property:

Any software and application are made available to download are the copyrighted by EasyEBilling or its authorized suppliers.

Payment Policy:

The customer can pay by PayPal, bKash, MasterCard, Visa, DBBL Nexus, Hand Cash, Check, within validity time.

Payment Gateway:

For avail this facility for your customer you (the merchant) have to provide required information which is written below.

  1. Company Name.
  2. Company Address.
  3. Company Owner’s Name.
  4. Company Owner’s Present Address.
  5. Company Owner’s NID Card Photocopy.
  6. Company License Photocopy.
  7. Bank Name & Accounts No.
  8. Registered Mobile Phone No.

Agreement Right:

For the breaking of any law by EasyEBilling or to hamper any default system of software, EasyEBilling should close the agreement with you.

Exclusions of Liabilities:

We are not responsible or liable in any manner for any user generated content. We do not control and are not responsible what user post on our software. To the fullest extent permitted applicable laws we, on behalf of our directors, employees, officers, license holder clearly declared for not taking any liabilities for losing any of your inputted data.

Data Backup:

You have to take backup by your own. There is an option to take backup. It's available in EasyEBilling. We won't be responsible for any data missing.

Advertise Policy:

Your data (company email/phone) are very secure and won't be disclosed publicly or any advertiser. But we EasyEBilling might use your contact information (company email/phone/physical address) to send promotional email/SMS.